With the American economy still in the throes of a lengthy recession that seems endless, the creation and sustenance of American jobs has been a popular topic. The plea, “Buy American” has been a rallying cry to induce Americans to research and be mindful of where a product is produced before…


We all know strange little hipsters. They wear odd clothing and drink beer you’ve never heard of. They pretend to be in a constant battle with some cause while upholding an extremely liberal credo. These self styled “radicals” are the heart of the growing PC problem. No this is not a reference to PC versus Mac but rather ‘political correctness.’ 

While hipsters may be the most extreme case, many liberals today (youth and otherwise) have been on a political correctness rampage that is destroying America. The reason this is problem is because of the heavy bias the impose in their PC rampage. They wouldn’t never “offend” a gay pride group or PETA yet they are willing to verbally destroy anything they deem “traditional.” 

Last we at TruthPundits checked, there’s a little something called the 1st amendment. While our hipster buddies can wear blue leather pants and multicolored suspenders apparently it’s wrong to openly be Christian. We didn’t know that the 1st Amendment was selective, maybe I should just give up and leave to socialist Canada (sarcasm). 

For all of our Hobbist friends out there, you might have been onto something (once again /sarcasm). But on a more serious note, the Hobbist ideals of the current left is quite scary. If President Obama has utter “control the people” once he’s done it ten times. His overly political correct behavior coupled with his administrations idea of “controlling the people” is contrary to the ideals of the average American Citizen. It almost gives Thomas Hobbes vindication. Whatever happened to John Locke and “Two Treatises of Government?”

In summary for those of you who scrolled right down to the bottom; America needs to end this PC (political correctness) fiasco. Don’t be afraid to offend at times, it shows you care in what you believe in. 

“Recession is when your neighbor loses his job. Depression is when you lose yours. And recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses his.”

- Ronald Reagan

History Lesson 2 (Parties)

In today’s postmodern “enlightened” world (more like value-less), we have no options. On our major ballots are the Republicans and the Democrats. These two groups known as liberal and liberalest (disrespectfully) are the only parties at major debates and the only considered major primaries.

Basically, the current system is once again not functioning properly. Or in this case, at all. In the election of 1824 the candidates were John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson, William H. Crawford, and Henry Clay respectively. Three out of the four of those men were Independents and only one was a member of a party. Point being, is that a party system did not contain major party rule among the candidates. The major percentage of votes in that election went to Andrew Jackson with a populous vote of 41.0% and 99 electoral votes.

Even though he did win in both areas of the vote, he did not win the election. He was foiled by Congress who cited Adams as the victor. This being due to Jackson not securing at least 51% of the populous vote for a true majority. Congress was still a high party rule, but not the candidate options.

Let’s look at our nation’s founding. Washington had both Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson in his cabinet. These men had conflicting views on the financial plan of action. Specifically the idea of a nationalized bank and the room for it in the Constitution. Washington also warned the American public about the formation of political parties and their damaging effects. Boy was he right. Under his nose parties developed and with that, American politics were born.

Slowly but surely, various parties came and went until finally two parties emerged as the favored. The Democratic-Republicans or known today as the Democrats and the smaller or the two the Republicans (Irony prevails again as the Republicans are called the Grand Ole party).

At first, it appear as this system would work. The Democrats became the general left of center and the Republicans the general right of center. In true political form, both sides went from have solid ground in both the areas of economics and social to mingling with the opposing. Instead of moving just closer to the center, some values shifter further away, others came in closer.

Besides both parties generally being liberal today, it’s all about who gets the victory not actually what gets done. All TP wants are more options. The people of this nation need to wake up and become firm in their beliefs and join/form parties which express those common beliefs. The mob rule status of Congress with parties with non-unified beliefs is slowly killing us.

To this effect, we want options. We want to see solidification and more names on the ballot come November every four years of our lives. We’re tired of two names who half the time, aren’t completely what they say they stand for.

Wake up America and look back to 1790 and 1824

Big Government = Big Problems

We’ve had big issues lately about the size of our government. The Constitution specifically states that the government must be small and balanced. However, one cannot pinpoint the blame to one party. The Bush Administration was absolutely corrupt. If all things were as they seemed, Republicans would be conservative, and therefore favor a small government, as well as power and opportunity for the individual. However, with the rise of neoconservatism, this is not the case.

The Patriot Act is one of the scariest things this country has seen in years. That was when the red flags should have been going off and we should have stopped our government. This was a way to get more power, and he used the war on terror as an excuse to take away some of our freedom. The path to socialism is long and gradual, and the past couple of administrations have known what they’re doing. Now we get to good old King Obama.

He is now doing things that are scarier than you can imagine. The healthcare bill is the first step. Then the financial. They’re trying to take our sense of life and our pursuit of happiness. The next thing they are going for are our liberties. Last TP knew, we were free to choose our doctors, our businesses, and our speech. WE may not know that for much longer. 

“I’m not a republican because I grew up rich. I’m a republican because I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life poor waiting for the government to rescue me.”

- Mike Huckabee (via peelsprotege)

History Lesson 1

Believe it or not, 200 years ago we here at TruthPundits would be considered liberal. Before the 20th century, the belief in small government and limited economic involvement of the government was considered liberalism. Today, we call this classical liberalism, or conservatism. WOAH!

So, the awesome change people who are all about helping people fought long and hard to provide power to the individual!? It’s crazy! Isn’t it? So why did liberals make the switch? It’s simple, I think. Liberals already had the support of the general public, and every government, no matter how good their intentions were or weren’t

 Eventually they wanted power, and as much of it as they could get. So when you vote for someone like Barack Obama, who is trying to force the government into every aspect of your life in a less-then-obvious form of totalitarianism, remember that this same group of people once fought for the rights they are now taking away from you. 

Have to love Barry O, Hil-Rod, and G-Ros!

Real Values (Not McDonalds)

A Conservative’s value menu consists of the only real “values” to chose from. Simply put, conservative values should just be called values. All things considering, most people who claim to be conservative believe that there is absolute right and wrong. Therefore, the need for values come into play in order to distinguish between right and wrong. To put something simple into larger terms (coating it) (like my leftist buddies) call it moral obligation (something liberals don’t have). 

To pontificate ($2 word not value appropriate) most liberal “values” view their beliefs as “progressive” and “enlightening.” When really, it’s just an excuse to do whatever whenever. Forget the sanctity in marriage or good moral character as a standard in business (*cough* US Congress *cough*) they say, yet those traits are what built America up to numero uno. 

For example look how heavily involved the evil empire (Fed) is involved in the multifaceted lives of Americans. The everlasting Healthcare Bill (with never coming funds) or today’s Financial Overall (face-lift?). Only once in America’s history has the Fed been so involved in our lives that we can see it everywhere. The Great Depression; whose programs that saved us short term are killing us long term. Big Fed and heavy regulation have only gotten us oh so far in this life.

When in truth, the federal government didn’t have any major powers until post Civil War when income taxes were initiated. From then on it’s been a roller coaster of up and down.

In conclusion, look at your value menu. What’s really on it that’s a value. 

Personally TruthPundits value menu contains the follow:

    1.Moral Standards                                                                                             

    2.the desire for power of the people; not the Fed                                           

    3.Less regulation on FREE market and business                                              

    4.The method of teaching self-help instead of reliance on a government body      

    5.Placing just principles and concepts into action of self-serving ones

The Financial Overhaul Bill

Well, Obama and friends have done it again. We owe everything to the great team in the White House… if you’re a supporter of Marxism.

Yes Obama is going to save America from the big, bad capitalists. (/sarcasm) The only problem is, that is NOT a job for the government. Every time the government gets involved with any part of the economy, millions upon millions of dollars are lost each year. Let’s look at the postal service as an example. The government is preventing the USPS from saving over $500 million a year! Excuse me? That’s A LOT of money.

So your tax dollars are going toward bailing out the USPS, when that money could be saved! Let’s not even mention the housing market (or rather the lack of). So let’s keep the government out of controlling any part of the industry, shall we?

Let’s give Obama the benefit of the doubt. Keynesian economics at least sounds cool when you say out loud. 

“Above all, we must realize that no arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women. It is a weapon our adversaries in today’s world do not have.”

- Ronald Reagan